Become a 60 Second Advocate - what is PTSD post traumatic stress disorder
Will you become a 60 sec advocate ? . April is sexual assult/abuse awareness month. . I would like to give you a copy of my poetry book ‘No Working Title – a live in progress’ (in ebook format) for free. . All I ask is that you read it and do a short video review on Instagram or Facebook and tag me in your post. . Talk about a poem that touched you, or how the book impacted you or how it made you think about sexual abuse, maybe in a new way. . I will then take the post and repost it to my network (about 2 mill reach) including your name, I hope that people will follow you . I want to help people understand the impact and that there are others prepared to talk about it . Go to www.drjohnaking.com/store , click No Working Title ebook and at the check out enter the code ‘neveragain’ . Related