M SGT Al Bontrager Reviews #DealWithit - what is PTSD post traumatic stress disorder
Al Bontrager is one of my closest friends, a really good mate, he and his unit are in Africa. Al was one of the few people who stood by me through thick and thin. . I sent him a copy of #dealwithit, and he loved it. The challenge now is that the rest of his unit want to read it and he only as the single copy! So for the sake of international peace, and so he can swap them out for beer, I’ll be sending a little care package his way in the next 2 weeks. . Come back soon you ugly sod. I don’t miss you, some other guy does. . #drjohnaking #dealwithit – pissing people off internationally, one book at a time. . Get the book #dealwithit – living well with PTSD www.drjohnaking.com