Best F#cking Book Review EVER - what is PTSD post traumatic stress disorder
Kathysue Dorey reviews #dealwithit . Kathysue is not only a academic ninja but she is a ninja ninja as well! She is a Senior Master Instructor in Pure Krav Maga; Master of Science in Creativity, Leadership, and Innovation; Executive Coach through the Center for Educational Leadership. Also I very humbly add, the ediot* of #dealwithit, and one of our most trusted friends (which is rare because I don’t like anyone – read Weatherman) . Her programs Chain of Defense and Freedom Legacy are groundbreaking in their ability to be able to help victims of trauma turn their lives around. She is the person I go to if I need coaching, she is a coaches coach. . Connect with Kathy: IG: @chainofdefense FB: @ksd.pkmbuffalo . #drjohnaking #dealwithit . . . *(the idiot who said yes to editing my book)