Will any of the Big 3 get a bailout? | DrivingtheNation
From Free Market to Socialist to a Welfare state. There will be no bailout from the government for the Big 3. The reality is that even if General Motors, or one of the other Big 3, were to go under, America would survive. It appears that unless you screw up so badly that you could take the rest of the nation with you that you don't get help from the government. General Motors problem is that it has slowly decreased the number of union and salary workers in the United States, so them going under won't hurt the United States the way the subprime mortgage has managed to do. In the '70s the government gave Chrysler a bailout. Chrysler came back in unheard of fashion and the government actually made money off the deal. They should be so lucky with this welfare scam called a bailout to the subprime lenders that have taken this great nation of ours down to a financial level that most of have never seen before. Even worse than giving the bottom feeders a bailout is that, like second hand smoke