What does Sweden have to do with it? safety and technology | DrivingtheNation
So you're pregnant with your first kid and want to buy the safest car on the planet. What brand do you think of first? Probably Volvo – a brand that's become synonymous with safety. In fact, both of Swedens automakers, Volvo, and Saab are world-renowned for safety innovations. Today their cars are so crammed with safety features, they practically make crashing look fun. Why are Swedish automakers so hell-bent on safety? After all, Germany has it's unlimited-speed Autobahn, and it's carmakers pride themselves on building safe cars, too. But Swedens automakers seem to put safety above all else, including style and sales volume. Why is that? The answer is a two-parter. First, the environment. This small northern European country is besieged by long, harsh, dark winters and moose-riddled roads. (Sweden averages ten moose-car collisions a day.) Consequently, driving in Sweden is a true "Survivor" experience. Second, and most importantly, is Swedens culture. Safety isn't just part of the