MINI E Pure Electric Car Preserves the Fun | Driving the Nation
Like a rock from a slingshot, the MINI E electric car shoots up the onramp and into the traffic flow. Press the accelerator (don't call it the gas) and the 150 KW motor delivers its 204 horsepower in a burst. You'll hardly need the brakes. The regenerative braking system kicks in like the flaps on a landing 727. It's like someone dropped the anchor or popped the 'chutes. It takes some getting used to. Just lift your right foot as you approach a red light and cruise to a stop. The MINI E is an experiment. 500 units, split between California and New York/New Jersey, wear their number proudly on their flanks (I drove number 251). All wear Metallic Dark Silver with a Pure Silver top. Electric plug logos and body trim glow in Interchange Yellow. Inside, the rear seats are sacrificed to accommodate the lithium-ion battery pack, leaving room for one small suitcase. The E gains 600 pounds over a standard Cooper Coupe, but still handles tautly and sportily, thanks to carefully planned