March 2006 Sales | DrivingtheNation
Toyota is expected to sell it's 300,000th hybrid in the US (including Hawaii) some time this week. Through February Month End, there have been 288,790 Toyota/Lexus hybrids sold in the USA. As of this morning (with sales through Friday, March 24th) the total is 296,164. Toyota is currently tracking to sell over 13,000 hybrids this month and should hit the 300K number by Friday. The good news doesnt stop for Toyota. The combined U.S. sales of Toyota, Scion and Lexus vehicles, according to the Power Information Network (PIN), totaled 217,284 unit's in March. Toyotas March sales were an all time record for one month, up 6.9 percent from the same month a year ago. From March 2006 (544,841) to March 2005 (507,236) sales were up 7.4 percent. Toyotas marketshare as of March, 2006 is 13.8 percent. Total Sales for March were 1,526,474, down from sales of 1,526,474 in 2005. General Motors sales fell 14.4 percent from last year. From March 2006 (950,244) to March 2005 (1,002,502) sales fell 5.2