How To Use MyEtherWallet ~ Create Account ~ Log In
This is the first video in a series on how to use Today we are going to show you how to set up an Ethereum wallet account. Then how to log into your account and how to find your public wallet address. The Ethereum wallet can be used for any ERC20 compatible token (altcoins). DIY Tube Coins are ERC20 compatible coins so they are 100% compatible with When you come to the homepage you will see the words Create New Wallet. The first time you ever visit the site, you will want to do just this. Enter a very long and secure password. Be sure to write it down and never lose it. Next you will want to save your Json file to your computer. Later you want to put this on a USB stick and make copies. Keep it off your computer and offline. This is the key to your account. With this key anyone can access your money. You will also save your private key onto the same USB stick. This is another key to open your wallet. Never lose these keys. Keep copies. Once you are logged into your account you will find your wallet address. The wallet address is your public address. This you can give out freely. People can send you Ethereum or tokens into this wallet address. This is your deposit address. Stay tuned for more instructional videos on how to use Thank you for watching. Please like, subscribe and share.