Sisters | Dishin & Dishes
Sisters. Miles may separate them but they pick up right where they left off when they are reunited once more. It was such a treat to have both my girls in the same place the other night. Mr. Wonderful and I are currently empty nested and it’s been a little tough on me at times. How do you go about life differently, when for the past 25 years, you’ve been all about a series of things like diapers, ball games, birthday parties, school functions, band concerts and the like? Okay, I will confess that coming home at night and not having a schedule to keep is pretty darn nice at times. Also pulling random leftovers out of the refrigerator for dinner (something that probably wouldn’t have flown with the kids there) has been awfully cool as well. “Hey Babe, tonight we’re having Tacos Al Pastor, green beans and ummmm….leftover Korean bulgogi okay?” No, that seriously happened last night. You think I’m kidding? But there are nights I miss my kids endlessly. Conner is away in Chicago with the Navy now and Kayla lives in California and will start her third year of ministry school soon. When Tori moved out last year, I think I expected her to be dropping by every night but apparently she has friends and a life…can you imagine? However, Kayla is home this week and the girls sat in our new hot tub the other night and it was just …fun. My girls are old enough and have somehow become really wonderful grown-ups …and also —my friends. Except sometimes they are not grown-ups and asked me to try to do the “hair flip” picture. And yeahhhhh….it didn’t quite work out. It’s supposed to be one of those…hair flying upward beautiful faces kind of pics…. So ummmm…. We didn’t quite get the hang of it. But laughing, however…we did do. Sisters…it’s so nice having them together.