My Girls | Dishin & Dishes
My two girls. The older blond with a penchant for frilly dresses and spiked high heels. She loves all things to do with hair, makeup and glitz and glamour. She’s also gifted with some great smarts. Studying has never been hard for her and testing has always been a snap for her. The other- the redhead, prefers skinny jeans, flats and a t-shirt. We can’t get her to put on mascara or much other make-up but she’s very comfortable in her own skin. That is her beauty. She has to work harder at school, struggles with testing, but continues to work hard at whatever she does. Except cleaning her room. Moving on, as different as they are, they have always been close. Today, they’re discussing music, a joint interest that they’re both good at in their own unique individual ways. One sings worship and plays the acoustic guitar (the redhead), and the other sings hip-hop. We call her Fergie. But they’ve always been sisters, and oh so close. They’ve wrestled together and laughed together. What do the men in our family think about them? Well, they try to pay attention to their silliness. They really, really try. But somehow, the guys just don’t get the closeness of the two girls and they get lost. I know they make me wish I had a sister. Do you have a sister? Are you close or not close? Wish you had one? Have I missed out? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts!