A Few of My Favorite Things | Dishin & Dishes
For anyone that cares to see me stutter and stumble my way through an interview tomorrow morning on Rise and Shine Oklahoma, I will be on for an interview about my blog at 7:45 a.m Central time. It airs locally on channel 16 regular cable, 714 HD channel, or you can watch on the website at I’d appreciate your support, and that you not laugh if I fall out of the chair or something. Thank you. Wow – it has just come to my attention that I am on my 328th post. How in the world did that happen? My first blog anniversary came and flew by in March and I didn’t even realize it. Time flies when you’re having fun! In honor of the random number of 328, I thought I’d post a few of my very favorite things I’ve made and blogged about this year. People ask me that question a lot. What is the favorite thing(s) you’ve made? Click on the pictures below to go straight to the recipes or blog posts! Let’s start with the good stuff…dessert. My favorite dessert that I’ve made, hands down, is Sticky Toffee Pudding. This is an amazing moist cake smothered in the most decadent caramel sauce you’ve ever tasted. FABULOUS! And topped with some vanilla bean ice cream? Heaven. Pure heaven. My next favorite sweet recipe? Cream-Cheese-Spice Frosted Pumpkin Cookies Seriously, these may trump Pumpkin Pie at our house next Thanksgiving. My favorite appetizer was tough to pick. Bruschetta is the winner. This Skillet Breakfast Hash was one of the best in Breakfast recipes. But it was tied with these cute and yummy Maple Toast Bundles with Eggs. In breads, this Poblano Spoonbread has been the most re-requested by my kids. But the most sentimental and yummy was documenting my Mom’s famous German Rye Bread (accomapanied by her Strawberry Freezer Jam). Meats and Main Dishes all-time winner? Mr. Wonderful would say the Mussels in White Wine Garlic Sauce. I might have to go with this one, however. Chicken and Asparagus in Pesto Cream Sauce. Now for side dishes. I am such a huge fan of side dishes. I mean, at Thanksgiving, I could care less about the turkey, really. I just want the sides! This is tough – I would say two things…Rosemary Garlic Accordion Potatoes. Followed closely by Cauliflower Gratin But oh man, were these Roasted Honey Balsamic Glazed Carrots amazing! Okay, Katie, walk AWAY from the side dishes… Soups, Salads, and Sauces? For salads this one was simple and amazing. Soups? I loved this Roasted Butternut Squash Bisque with Sage Cream. Recently I revisited making this homemade Poppyseed Dressing. It’s always been a fav of mine. And this sun-dried tomato based pesto was so good I could eat it with a spoon. Pesto Rosso. It’s been a great 368 posts my friends. I’ve also been led on a family journey. I blogged about my first grandchild. My dogs. HEY! They’re family too! Our kids’ wedding. This touching moment when our son got his head shaved by his wife to promote a fund raising event for St. Judes and childrens cancer. One daughter embarking off to college. What a tear jerker that one was for me. I was blubbering all over my keyboard while typing that post. The other one in a beauty pageant. I have never been so nerve-wracked in my life! I chronicled my son’s first lead in the school play portraying Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird. And my parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary. I had some thoughts that I thought I’d share in my Dishin section. Mr. Wonderful and I dined out a lot and I wrote reviews of Oklahoma City Restaurants. And I offered up a bunch of tips and tricks for in the kitchen. And last but not least, I talked about one of my passions. Mentoring teens. Oh, if people only cared as much about that as they do recipes! Ha I have had a great journey, these 328 posts, and I am looking forward to the next year. My family wonders if they will ever get to taste the same thing twice. They wonder what will appear on the table tonight. And they wonder if we will ever go to another restaurant without me having to snap photos of everything. Not likely my dears. But I love you all.