Intellectual disgraceStares from every human face, And the seas of pity lieLocked and frozen in each eye. Death by homeopathy This site is dedicated to the memory of Penelope Dingle, who desperately wanted to live but who was misinformed by those she trusted most and, instead of having the surgery that might have saved her life, she relied instead on homeopathy to treat her rectal cancer. The coroner's report is here and the full story from her family's perspective is told in this documentary. For a look at the letters she sent her homeopath, one Francine Scrayen, see here. A taster: During the 7 months you treated me exclusively, the tumour grew in size to 10cms long and 8 cms wide and my uterus, second ovary and more lymphs became cancerous. Because of the size of the tumour, it was no longer possible for the surgeon to perform a complete resection. As a result, I have a margin at the sacral bone of only 1mm, and very close margins in the pelvis. In