About | DigitalFusion
For over 17 years, DigitalFusion has been LA's premiere digital photographic rental & post-production facility. We specialize in state of the art studio and location digital capture, retouching, scanning, printing and archiving. Hugh Milstein and Jon Moeller started DigitalFusion in 1999, a digital scanning, retouching and printing business, in a Venice Beach, California, garage. Now the company provides a complete solution for professional digital photographers. DigitalFusion was founded as digital alternative to conventional photo-chemical processes being used by professional photographers. A technological convergence in the areas of scanning, image manipulation and digital printing allowed us to create top of the line post-production process for still photography. Now, as we build on a foundation of post production by adding production services and equipment (DFLA), digital processing and file delivery, archiving and a variety of new online services (DF Studio), our mission