How To Clean A Mechanical Keyboard - Mechanical Gaming Keyboard | Dfusing | Netherlands
Cleaning is a task unto itself, but cleaning up your mechanical keyboard? God forbid you actually have to get up and dust the biscuit and chips crumbs off your keyboard! I bet the thought of owning a flat touch screen keyboard must have crossed your minds, but it’s also true that you either don’t have the cash to shell it out or you just like the good old tickity tick better. So it’s time to get cranking on the old’ board. But, you’re probably wondering by now if is there a way to prevent the keyboard from getting dirty? Sure there is! Just maintain basic hygiene, like washing your hands after crunching on some greasy snacks. It’s futile to nod your heads now, everyone, including you, know that those unwashed hands will end up on the keyboard eventually. So the solution remains to get off your bottom and get cleaning.Sure, you can get your cleaning tips from a simple Google search, but here you will get to know what you shouldn’t do: