Moving Forward: Redesigned Messengers for Mobile Devices | DF Studio™
Summary DF Studio's previous full software update introduced Visual Screen Protection (VSP), a highly requested addition that was seamlessly adopted by many users. VSP is part of a wider effort to make DF Studio's features easy to use and accessible from any location or device. An upcoming point release represents another big step towards achieving this goal: DF Studio is excited to announce completely redesigned Approval and Custom Messengers for mobile devices. Messengers are often accessed from phones or tablets, both by DF Studio users and by recipients without accounts. Optimizing the mobile user experience is especially crucial for Approval and Custom Messengers, which require recipients to complete tasks on tight deadlines. These mobile Messenger workflows are now simpler and more intuitive than ever, more closely mirroring the Messenger experience in DF Studio's desktop interface. These enhancements will expedite critical parts of everyday workflows, enabling users to be