Team Building in an Indie World - Designing Music NOW
The traditional division of labor in the scoring process has eroded completely. Composers used to be one player in a fairly large music team. They put notes on paper, attended recording sessions, and bore few other responsibilities. As our industry has evolved our responsibilities have steadily increased. Today’s composer is responsible for every step of the music team's process, and very often a lone guerrilla composer replaces the entire team of yesteryear. The support network which used to be built-in has evaporated. We don't have the luxury of being specialists any more. As scoring budgets shrink, our responsibilities move towards infinity. Today we must have a thorough balance of artistry, craft, and business, wearing all of the hats and managing many disparate tasks single-handedly. We are expected to own and operate our own studios and do a huge number of other tasks not expected of us ten or twenty years ago. We're not composers, we're the CEOs of small music businesses and we're responsible for every aspect of music production.