Creating Music for Robots: Interview with the Composing Team for Cozmo - Designing Music NOW
Cozmo is a table-top robot released last October by Anki. Recently, DesigningMusicNow got to interview composers Brian Trifon and Brian Lee White of Finishing Move Inc. and award winning composer Gordy Haab about the music behind Cozmo. Gordy Haab is a GANG award winning composer whom has also scored such game titles as Star Wars: Battlefront, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Kinect Star Wars & The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. Brian Trifon and Brian Lee White of Finishing Move Inc. have worked on many of the award winning games including Halo Wars 1 & 2. The following interview questions for the Cozmo music team were prepared by Michael Sweet's advanced interactive video game scoring course at Berklee College of Music. The student composers included Ross Alexander, Dominic Delore, Kaela Fanelli,Timothy Przybylinski, and Ian Silver. As an introduction to Cozmo, and to help acquaint you with some of the audio aspects of Cozmo, we've included the music and sound diary post from the Cozmo development team below: