Writing For Yourself - Designing Music NOW
There are two main reasons I would encourage any composer (especially the younger ones) to keep writing. First and most importantly, it helps you find your voice. Everyone knows what Jason Graves, Jessica Curry, or Jesper Kyd sounds like, and they are each hired for that sound. Those voices are shaped by personal experiences and influences, along with continuous composing. Having your own voice / style makes you the expert of that sound, and the first person of contact when that sound is needed. It is incredibly difficult to find yourself as a composer if you aren’t writing regularly. Second, as you write, you continue to improve as a composer. Creating music is its own muscle, and like anything, requires continuous use to stay at top form. The best composers can consistently create strong pieces of music everyday, not because they are always “inspired”, but because they kept writing for both themselves and their clients, continually practicing and improving upon their creative abilities.