Stages and Revelations -
In a live workshop, David Deida illustrates how spiritual growth leads to different styles of erotic attraction, skillful communication, and sexual communion. He discusses the effortlessness of love and the intentional cultivation of sexual art, including everything from how to abide as free consciousness to how to give oral sex. As the practice of whole-body loving deepens stage by stage, our problems become gifts as our attention is liberated into a playful instrument of ecstasy. Total Length: 1hr 21mins Format: mp3 download Track titles: Growing In Love’s Duet Beyond Masculine and Feminine The Artful Play of Polarity Heart-Wisdom, Trauma, and Skill with Men How to Be Irresistible to a Deep Man Awakening His Presence with Your Pain Love is Effortless, Sex Requires Training You’re Serving or You’re Suffering Why Practice? Attention is Devotion Staying Conscious Through Layers of Ecstasy Your Problems Create Your Gifts Listen to a Free Track Stages and Revelations: Your Problems Create Your Gifts download audio