How will HTML5 change SEO? | Cyber Stampede®
I'm sure you've heard the buzz about html5, and you may be wondering how this is going to affect seo. As a SEO expert, you are most likely interested mainly in those changes in the HTML 5 specification, which will affect your work. Here are some of them: Improved page segmentation. Search engines are getting smarter and there are many reasons to believe that even now they are applying page segmentation. Basically, page segmentation means that a page is divided into several separate parts (i.e. main content, menus, headers, footers, links sections, etc.) and these parts are treated as separate entries. At present, there is no way for a Web master to tell search engines how to segment a page but this is bound to change in HTML 5. A new tag. The new tag is probably the best addition from a SEO point of view. The tag allows to mark separate entries in an online publication, such as a blog or a magazine. It is expected that when articles