Edgbaston on the eve of the Test | CricketSoccer
"There is a quiet confidence with which the Indian captain carries himself. And his counterpart deliberately underplays the historic advantage" Virat Kohli will not show concern. And Joe Root will shun the mantle of favourites even if the venue is an established England stronghold. But, there is an ominous feeling that things will be tough for the Indians in the Test. "My son has a ticket for Saturday, but I doubt it will go that far," informs the Pakistani taxi-driver as he drives me to the ground from the Birmingham Main Street Station. "Matches here hardly last 3-4 days." The English stronghold. Edgbaston. The incredible track record of England out here is common knowledge across the cricketing landscape, among the media-men as well as the cabbies who ferry them. There have been a couple of showers in the past two days, breaking the ridiculously long dry spell in the country. That may change every equation that had been concocted in the forecasts so far in the tour. The blistering