Ashes: Top 3 bowlers with best averages in the historic series | CricketSoccer
The Ashes has been a powerhouse for magnificent bowling, marathon spells and mind-boggling batting. The iconic series has scripted numerous records over the years and many cricketers have made a name for themselves in the oldest Test rivalry. Shane Warne has been the highest wicket-taker in the history of Ashes while Don Bradman tops the batting chart, but in terms of having the best bowling average George Lohmann is at the top. Picking a wicket is a reward that a bowler gets for putting in the hard yards, but behind this lies hours of hard work. In the list below, we will look at top three bowlers with the best average in the rich history of the Ashes. George Lohmann (England) Lohmann had an outstanding record against arch-rivals Australia. As per the statistics, Lohmann is the best bowler to have embraced the game of cricket, not just bowling average, but the English cricketer has the best ever strike-rate too. Among bowlers with more than 15 wickets, Lohmann has the best average