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(Image credit: House to Home) The bathroom is an essential part of any home. While once seen as a room of necessity, these days it is also considered a place to go and relax. If you're looking to create a bathroom haven, a country theme could be the answer. With its warm, welcoming ambience, the country theme can be adapted to fit both traditional and modern homes. It's really not that difficult to create this theme and the tips below will help. Wood: the basis of a country design Perhaps the most important thing you need to focus on with a country designed bathroom is wooden furniture. Take a look at any country home and you'll notice it relies heavily upon wooden features. Lighter wooden furniture is particularly fitting and it's pretty easy to add it to the bathroom. Focus on wooden medicine cabinets, laundry baskets, accessories, toilet seats and basin cabinets. Creating extra room Country homes tend to have quite a lot of space. They feature big bathrooms with plenty of