Deborah Mitchell creator of Heaven Skincare Interview
We would love to know more about your background. How and why did you get into the industry? X I worked nights and weekends, doing friends and there friends, all mobile.I had very little money so I started off buying a packet of nail extensions. My first client I charged £10 and she gave me a £1 tip. The products I used I made, but my first couch I was very happy with before that I would kneel at their beds. Cosmetronic I feel have always been there to supply my beauty equipment at what ever stage I was at in my career, they looked after me when I was counting pennies. X Your products and treatments have received world wide success, but you began as a mobile beauty therapist and then with a local salon. How important was it to emulate the same ethos on a larger scale and how did you go about doing this? X I am the same now to my clients as I was then, I look after them and do what I can, when I can. So now my clients are the biggest spas in the world and the smallest, but we always still choose the people for heaven carefully. Our clients always make a lot of money with heaven because we are not on every street corner and don’t sell on shopping channels so our brand stays the best. But we look after our customers with different product sizes so every one can feel how good heaven skin care is for their skin. X What have you found to be the most popular treatment you offer? X The treatment that is the one every one wants is the bee sting facial, it gives an immediate change to the clients skin. It takes an hour and salons who train in this treatment love what it does to their profits, it doubles them. They then train in our second best the bee slim. Clients can loose up to 6lb so they love this and buy courses. They are happy to pay that little bit more for an all round experience. So the salon again earns more per hour. X With many branded products out there,you decided to take the plunge and created your own products to accompany your treatments, what influenced you to branch out this way and was it a natural transition? X I didn’t really think of making my own forever, just until I could afford to buy some. My clients loved the products I gave them in plastic tubs, which I would also explain how to use because there were no instructions. This I think helped me to become more successful. It made me give a better treatment, I'd say to them 'use this for two days after treatment then this for the rest of the week' . When they returned I always wanted to know how they had been and what their skin was like. I’d been working for two years before I had a diary so I memorised my clients appointment times, therefore they had to stick to them. Most were every two weeks. I didn’t even encourage them to mention me to their friends because I didn't have a lot of time left. X Your success will be an inspiration for many practitioners. Do you have any tips for them? X ´╗┐My tips for success are: -Don’t rush to do everything straight away, Look at what you can loose if you are more successful and decide if you are you prepared to loose it. ( mine was not having time for anything) I still don’t have time. But my life is my work -Never loose that goal in your minds eye, never do bad business no matter how successful you become. Even the biggest balloon has to come down eventually and will pass those smaller balloons it over took on the way up. It’s nice if the big balloons can shield the little ones from the wind. -Stick with great companies as they will always give you their best price and help you as your company grows. Cosmetronic has been there for me. X What can we expect to see next? X We are now in many countries and are a global brand. I always said I wanted to be bigger than Estee Lauder, I don’t now, that we are a bigger company. I want the salons that buy from us to be bigger than who they want to be I want to help them to do that. Cosmetronic helped me. I love that they help the biggest to the smallest Thank you ! Cosmetronic equipment shown below at the Heaven skincare stand at Professional Beauty. X