The Island Is Coming Soon!
When Wyatt and David volunteer their services to mind Puffin Island for a month, their lives change forever. Wyatt is easy going, mildly hairy, graceless, and a celebrated artist. He’s also in love with David, who, at twenty-one, is a striking, tanned, charismatic, blonde lad with a gift as a fiction writer. David is still a virgin. David is everything that Wyatt is not. But Wyatt is also smitten by Thayne, an uneducated, eighteen-year old carpenter who comes into their lives when fate throws the two men a curve-ball intended to destroy Wyatt. Set on an island with a lighthouse and thousands of puffins, The Island is a strikingly original first novel. A tour-de-force. The world of Wyatt, David and Thayne is a rollercoaster of emotion. It is totally plausible and honest in its prose, detail, and dialogue. The author has written this novel to entertain, but also to show how true love can deeply affect the lives of all concerned.