Young Justice #1 Review - Comic Book Revolution
Young Justice is back! I was a big fan of the original Young Justice team. Peter David did an excellent job during his run on Young Justice. The original team of Tim Drake, Conner Kent, Bart Allen, and Cassie Sandsmark are some of my favorite characters. I adore all of them. These are also four characters that were badly damaged by the New 52. Tim and Cassie’s characters were ruined by the New 52 reboot. Conner was completely ravaged by the New 52. And poor Bart was flat-out left out of the New 52 reboot. So, I am beyond happy to see all of these character back and better than ever. I hope this is a continuation of DC Rebirth re-establishing DC’s pre-Flashpoint continuity. My love for these characters and my enjoyment of the old Young Justice title means that I do have high hopes for Young Justice #1. Now, I am trying to temper my expectations since Brian Bendis is writing this issue. Bendis’ is now north of 50 and he is no longer one of the hottest top writers in the industry. Having said that, Bendis usually does a good job with teen characters and he does appear [...]