Wonder Twins #1 Review - Comic Book Revolution
Wonder Twins #1 is another new comic being published under the Wonder Comics banner. As a Wonder Comics title, Wonder Twins #1 will be targeting teen readers. The Wonder Twins are a curious selection for a new title. Personally, I adore the Wonder Twins. They evoke strong feelings of nostalgia since I grew up watching the All New Super Friends Hour, The World’s Greatest Super Friends!, Super-Friends, and Super Friends: The Legendary Super-Powers. The Wonder Twins did not appear in any comic book until Extreme Justice in 1996. After that, the Wonder Twins made extremely rare and scattered appearances in various comics. I love Zan and Jayna. They are such great characters. Of course, it is Zan that makes the Wonder Twins so epic. Zan’s power to turn into any form of water is so unbelievably stupid that it becomes great. Zan has the lamest power this side of Arm-Fall-Off Boy. Seriously, Zan is exactly the kind of character that you would see with the Legion of Substitute-Heroes. The creative team for Wonder Twins #1 is Mark Russell and Stephen Byrne. I have never been impressed with Russell’s writing. I am not familiar with Byrne’s artwork. Hopefully, Russell and Byrne [...]