Week's End - August 23rd 2009 and Cartoon Review - Comic Book Revolution
Another week’s end mashed up with a review of Wolverine and th X-men. How exciting. Now on a side note other than Week’s End, don’t expect a The Week Begins tomorrow, I’ve only got one comic coming in and truth be told I’m not too excited about it anyway. Batman and Robin is losing my interest so I can’t honestly think devoting an entire post just to this one comic would be worth it. I don’t even have a lot to say. So yeah, let’s look over the Week. Comic of the Week: Streets of Gotham #3 This week had some good reads, Invincible was satisfying and Witchblade finally got closer to the standard I have for the series but I have to give it to Dini’s masterful writing here. He’s really blowing me away with this series and making it unlike anything out there in the Batman Reborn status quo worth reading. With my review to be posted tomorrow I don’t want to say all my thoughts on it but in the long run I really am loving this series. Story, art, it’s all amazingly well done and if you’re not buying this book I give it the highest [...]