Weekly Comic Book Reviews for 8/26/09 - Comic Book Revolution
Batman and Robin #3 Creative TeamWriter: Grant MorrisonArtist: Frank QuietlyColorist: Alex Sinclair Story – Batman Reborn Part 3: Mommy Made of Nails ReviewAfter a short delay we finally get the final chapter to Morrison and Quietly’s first story arc of Batman and Robin. Batman and Robin #3 was a fun read. These are the type of stories that I expect from Morrison. No other writer in Marvel or DC does high concepts like Morrison. Even though his stories tend to be a hit or miss his work in these first three issue are a nice reminder why Morrison is so highly praised for his off the wall ideas and storytelling. This issue is dark, funny, disturbing (mostly coming from Pyg’s over the top bad guy personality) and sweat all in one. Morrison does a great job with Dick and Damian’s dynamic not being the typical Batman and Robin dynamic we are used to. These are two very different characters who see their roles as very different. For Dick he sees that in being Batman he needs to balance out the dark persona he has to show to the bad guys with some of the sense of humor he had as [...]