Weekly Comic Book Reviews for 7/1/09 - Comic Book Revolution
Batman and Robin #2 Creative Team Writer: Grant MorrisonArtist: Frank QuietlyColorist: Alex Sinclair Story – The Circus of Strange ReviewAfter a great first issue this second issue to the new flagship title of the Batman franchise was another fun read. Even though this issue wasn’t as good as the first this was still a fun read. After going through Morrison’s Batman RIP and Final Crisis it is good to see that Morrison is still able to tell a fun and interesting tale that does not become too convoluted for the reader to follow. What Morrison is doing with Batman and Robin is a great showcase of how talented he is as a writer when he lets loose with all the great ideas he has in his head. Even though Morrison did not write Dick Grayson’s character at all during his run on Batman until Batman RIP he is clearly having fun writing all of Dick’s dialogue in and out of the cowl. In these first two issues he is doing a great job showing an evolution of Dick’s character as he tries to adjust to his new role as Batman. Unlike the first go around as Batman this time around [...]