Weekly Comic Book Reviews for 12/16/09 - Comic Book Revolution
Amazing Spider-Man #615 Creative TeamWriter: Fred Van LenteArtist: Javier PulidoColorist: Javier Rodriguez Story – Keemia’s Castle ReviewAmazing Spider-Man #615 was another solid issue from this series that has been very consistent in providing good reads almost all of 2009. There have been very few times I have been disappointed by an issue of Amazing Spider-Man which is great for me as a Spider-Man fan. And what I like about this issue in particular is that Fred Van Lente reminded the reader that Peter does have a science background with Peter using his brain to figure out the mystery of this issue, creating some new web fluid to fight Sandman. Also it was cool seeing Spider-Man using the web parachute that I haven’t seen used in a while. Though the mystery of this story arc is pretty obvious of who did the crime’s and is setting up Carlie to take the fall Van Lente did provide a good mystery for Peter having to use his brain instead of just going into different places and punching people to get answers. It has become rare to see Peter actually solving a mystery using his science background and Van Lente did a solid job [...]