Weekly Comic Book Reviews for 11/4/09 - Comic Book Revolution
Sorry for not making many post these past few weeks. It just seems as though when I think I can relax something comes up to take up my time. Still while I have not posted to often I am working on a special post that I will hopefully be able to start post next week. Now with all that said on to this reviews of this week’s books. Captain America: Reborn #4 Creative TeamWriter: Ed BrubakerArtist: Bryan Hitch and Butch GuiceColorist: Paul Mounts Story – Reborn Chapter 4 ReviewAfter a slow start Brubaker has really been on his game these past two issues. Issue #4 is the best issue we have gotten so far. One of the great things that Brubaker has done with Captain America: Reborn is that, like War of Kings, this feels like it could be the big event for Marvel this year. The way it has been competing with Blackest Nights in the sales chart it very well could be considered Marvel’s big event. And with Bryan Hitch’s artwork this book looks like a big event while also reading like one. While this mini-series does have a big event feel with the involvement of some big [...]