Weekly Awards For The Comic Books From January 21, 2009 - Comic Book Revolution
All right, let’s go ahead and dish out The Revolution’s weekly awards. Let’s do the comment of the week award. This week I am going to give the best comment of the week to Kirth responding to the Dark Avengers #1 review. Kirth commented: “So THIS was Bendis’ BIG IDEA. The idea which REQUIRED Secret Invasion to happen in order for Dark Reign to “make sense”. Yeah. Right. I’m a little underwhelmed. It worked as a story, but I don’t see how this “replacement Avengers” story REQUIRED all that Secret Invasion la-la. Oh yes…And once again we see the story impediment know as “The Sentry” poking his ret-conned, way-too powerful presence into yet another comic. Can’t he fly into space and……….I don’t know, do “stuff” in space with spacey characters and not serve as the plot hole to “drive the endgame truck” through. If he’s really Marvel’s Superman then have him DO something SUPER. Have him lead or leave, because if this series of comics ends like World War Hulk did, I will have officially given up on Avengers. Teen-age Tony Stark was a better character than Sentry has even been. Where’s Bob Harras when you need him?” I loved [...]