Weekly Awards For The Comic Books From February 19, 2009 - Comic Book Revolution
All right, it is time to dish out The Revolution’s weekly awards. As usual we got plenty of great comments from the Followers of The Revolution. I went ahead and gave the comment of the week to Amalgham in response to the Amazing Spider-Man #587 review: “When it comes to Spidey I have to always put the disclaimer that I cannot let go of the OMD/BND thing. So long as it is still going on I cannot forget. That being said, I started picking up ASM again for this particular storyline simply because I had gone a few months into the BND storyline and had invested some time with the Menace character as well as Jackpot. With the Jackpot identity having been revealed and possibly the storyline resolved, only Menace was left and I wanted to see who was behind the “mask”. I was drawn to this issue by the fact that Spidey was captured and wanted to see how it was handled. I wasn’t expecting Spidey to get unmasked, but I think I hurt myself from the amount of facepalms I did while reading this issue. I know that heroes aren’t going to be unmasked easily, but seriously, how [...]