Weekly Awards For The Comic Books From October 15, 2008 - Comic Book Revolution
All right, let’s go ahead and dish out The Revolution’s weekly awards. The nominees for the Che for the best read of the week: Booster Gold #13 Final Crisis: Rogues’ Revenge #3 Guardians of the Galaxy #6 Justice Society of America #19 The Winner: Justice Society of America #19 Booster Gold #13 Writer: Rick Remender Pencils: Pat Olliffe Inks: Jerry Ordway Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10 Story Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10 Overall Rating: 7.5 Night Girls out of 10 Booster Gold #13 definitely exceeded my initial expectations. Ever since Johns and Katz wrapped up their run on this title, we have been getting nothing but filler issues. I was not all that impressed with the filler issues that we got from Dixon. So, I figured that there was little chance that I would enjoy the filler issues brought to us by Remender as DC wastes time until Jurgens takes over as the new writer on Booster Gold. I was wrong. Remender turns in an enjoyable issue. The time stream is a wonderful plot tool that provides a writer fertile grounds for concocting wild and wondrous adventures. Remender takes full advantage of this literary tool [...]