Weekly Awards For The Comic Books From April 2, 2008 - Comic Book Revolution
Let’s go ahead and dish out The Revolution’s weekly awards. The nominees for the Che for the best read of the week: Detective Comics #843Project Super Powers #2 The Winner: Project Super Powers #2 This week was very light on truly quality reads. I really had to stretch it to nominate Detective Comics #843 just to prevent Project Super Powers #2 from running away and hiding with the Che due to a complete and total lack of competition this week. I had to give the Che for the best read of the week to Project Super Powers #2. This was the only read this week that I found to be anything special. Krueger continues to impress me with his hard work on this title. This is a finely crafted story that is deep and thick enough to give the reader plenty to chew on while at the same time has enough action and adventure to keep the reader entertained. And now the nominees for the Sequential Methadone Award for the worst read of the week: Action Comics #863Amazing Spider-Man #555Cable #2Countdown to Final Crisis #4Nightwing #143The Twelve #4Trials of Shazam #12Young X-Men #1 The Winner: The Twelve #4 This is [...]