War of The Realms #1 Review - Comic Book Revolution
Well, what do you know. It has been about one month since Marvel’s last big event ended so you know what that means, right? Time for yet another Marvel Big Event! I will be the first to admit that I am suffering from big Event burnout given the rate of big events at Marvel. And at DC, too. After all, DC is running two Big Events at the same time right now. Any way, despite my big event fatigue, I am still interested in War of The Realms. I am a huge fan of Thor so any Big Event that centers on the Norse God of Thunder immediately gets my attention. Jason Aaron has been tapped by Marvel to helm this latest big event. Aaron is not the first writer I would ever choose to handle a large roster, engage in massive world building, or write a huge big event. Aaron tends to shine on titles that veer more toward the supernatural and the occult. Aaron’s style matches better with titles with a grind-house vibe. However, the fact remains that Aaron is definitely good at delivering action. And given that some Big Events, I am looking squarely at you Heroes [...]