Ultimate Spider-Man #131 Review - Comic Book Revolution
Creative Team Writer: Brian Michael BendisArtist: Stuart ImmonenInker: Wade von GrawbadgerColorist: Justin Ponsor Story – Ultimatum Tie-In ReviewOne of the biggest gripes I have had against Secret Invasion, Final Crisis, and Ultimatum is that they all lack an emotional attachment that a reader should have for the various characters when reading the big events. Now even though these past few issues of Ultimate Spider-Man have only been meant to be tie-ins to Ultimatum Bendis has done a great job making these issue have a big event aura about them while still making it feel like an Ultimate Spider-Man story. The great thing about these past few issues is that it has done an excellent job showing the desperation of Peter and his supporting cast as they try and deal with the chaos going on around them. Just watching Peter as he goes around trying to save as many people as possible while in his Spider-Man costume drives the point home of just how horrible the tidal wave caused by Magneto is. It is one of the times were Bendis dialogue helps to show just how tired Spider-Man is as he is trying to keep his cool by constantly being sarcastic. [...]