Top 25 Anime Characters: #15-#11 - Comic Book Revolution
Time for another batch of my Top 25 Anime Characters with #11-#15. I was unable to embed the Speed Racer video to this post so if you want to check out the tribute video just click on the link I provided for it. Now #11-#15: #15. Speed RacerCreated by: Tatsuo Yoshida First Appearance: Speed Racer Episode 1 – The Great PlanVoiced by: Japanese – Voiced by: Katsuji Mori; English – Peter Fernandez If you want to talk about the ultimate car you want how can you go wrong with the Mach 5? Just like the entry with Astro Boy earlier, what elevates Speed Racer is how he help usher anime to the states. Even 40 years later you can mention Speed Racer and there will be plenty of people who will know who you are talking about. Like most anything we watch or read we know that the hero would win but it was always fun to see what Speed would be able to do with the Mach 5 to pull out the win and how Racer X would help him win/survive the race. Tribute Video: #14. Naruto UzumakiCreated by: Masashi KishimotoFirst appearance: Naruto Episode 1 – Enter: Uzumaki [...]