Top 25 Anime Characters: #10-#6 - Comic Book Revolution
#10. Shotaro KanedaCreated by: Katsuhiro Otomo First Appearance: Akira Anime FilmVoiced by: Japanese – Mitsuo Iwata; English – Cam Clarke If you take a look at Shotaro he isn’t very impressive in his look. The design of the character is very basic anime. Also his core personality is your typical street punk. And those two things may have kept him from making any sort of Top List. If anything Shotaro would probably be at best a one shot villain for most animes. It isn’t until you pair him up with his iconic red motorcycle that the coolness of the character is shown. Team that up with probably one of the most iconic anime movie posters and you got a character that is an instant win. And it helps that Akira is one of my favorite anime movies. 😉 Tribute Video: #9. Arsene Lupin IIICreated by: Kazuhiko KatoFirst Appearance: Lupin III Episode 1 – Is Lupin Burning….?Voiced by: Japanese: Yasuo Yamada; English: Sonny Strait Want to talk about the Bugs Bunny of Japan you don’t have to look any further than Asene Lupin III. After not only dodging but also tricking and outwitting the police for 40 years Lupin is unquestionably [...]