Steven's Top Ongoing Series of 2018 - Comic Book Revolution
My year end wrap up continues from the single issues list, and now it’s time to talk about the best ongoing series of the year. 2018 had a lot of great books, from DC’s Rebirth titles to Image’s always excellent selections to even Marvel’s Daredevil and Return of Wolverine, and it was really hard putting this list together. Make sure to check out Kevin’s list here, and see if we had any of the same picks! Now, on with the show. 5. Justice League When it comes to big superhero team titles, there are a few things I always want to see: action, adventure, big ideas and a whole lot of fun. What Scott Snyder, his tag-team writing partner James Tynion IV and some truly top-tier artists (like Jim Cheung, Gillem March and Howard Porter, to name a few) have given us with Justice League is all that and so much more, exceeding even my wildest expectations. Spinning out of the events of the fantastic No Justice, we find our League back and better than ever. And they have to be, as they face a brand new cosmic threat emanating from the shattered Source Wall along with an even more sinister [...]