Steven’s Top 10 Movies of 2018 - Comic Book Revolution
While so many aspects of 2018 sucked, the movies proved time and again to be surprisingly good. Multiple records were broken, Hollywood hit a ridiculous high mark worldwide and we saw tons of diverse films that were all very good! Because the boss was kind enough to let me put my list up here, I hope that I can at least get one of you guys to check out these incredible movies. And yes, there is a superhero movie in here, so it relates! Here we go… 10. Love, Simon Directed by the maestro of the DC CW shows Greg Berlanti, Love, Simon aims to be a John Hughes movie for this generation, and manages to meet that lofty goal. While some might find it a little tropey and generic, I thought it hit all the right beats and was plenty engaging as a film. It had good humor, relatable characters and a compelling romantic storyline, with the only difference being that the central character is gay. And that’s where the real power of this film kicks in, as it gradually leads you to what its message really is: that LGBT people are people just like the rest of the world, [...]