Steven’s Soapbox: The Twilight Guy is Batman??? - Comic Book Revolution
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, which is sounding more attractive as the news cycles go on, you’ve heard the news. While it is not 100% official just yet, it looks like our next Batman is none other than Robert Pattinson. Yes, I hear the cries of the Internet, not to mention Nicholas Hoult’s agents, but I really want to toss in my two cents on this topic. Can Pattinson pull off the role? Is Batman cancelled forever? Should fans really stop writing petitions over things that don’t matter? Well I didn’t write that clickbait headline for nothing, so let’s dive right in. Back in 2008, a little movie called Twilight released in theaters, with then-22 year old Robert Pattinson as one of the leads. To be very, very kind to those films, they targeted a difference audience than me. To be honest about those films, they are abjectly terrible in just about every way. They are boring, they are poorly directed, most of the action is lame (the third one has some cool moments), and the “romance” is so poorly written that it’s laughable. And, to be fully honest, Pattinson was terrible in them. There was just no life to his character, and I’ll be kind and say he was sleepwalking through them. The attention brought to these films [...]