Steven’s Soapbox: Can Black Panther Win Oscar Glory? - Comic Book Revolution
Marvel Studios Even though it was released back in February, it seems like people still can’t get enough Black Panther. The movie, besides being another hit for Disney, shattered box office records and became a cultural phenomenon. Like last year’s Wonder Woman (the first female-centered superhero film), the first black superhero film has undoubtedly changed how Hollywood approaches blockbusters, paving the way for more diversity in the future. Now Disney wants to do the impossible: get an Academy Award for Best Picture. Can the King of Wakanda conquer the Academy, or will it be another snub for superhero cinema? Let’s delve a little deeper. First, a few caveats. I will not be looking at Black Panther’s Oscar odds based on my personal view of the film. I’ll be thinking like an Academy voter, with all the prejudices, adherence to trends and the changing definition of “Oscar-worthy” in play. Second, when I say “major awards,” I mean Best Picture, Director, and the acting and screenplay categories. Yes, I know Suicide Squad is an Oscar winner, but not in the categories that hold any real weight. Third, keep in mind that in these early stages the awards race is very malleable, especially [...]