Saturday Morning Cartoon Reviews for 6/13/09 - Comic Book Revolution
Batman: The Brave and the Bold Ep. 21 – “Duel of the Double Crossers” Review In another “team-up” with the Outsiders, Batman finds himself teaching the young team how to work together while not destroying their surroundings. Just like most opening sequences with this show this opening was a lot of fun to watch. While Batman has the perception of being the ultimate loner character in comics, he is probably one of the best teachers in the DCU and it was cool seeing him trying to teach not just one but three teen superheroes. It was funny seeing how Batman made the Outsiders redo the simulation until they get it right and I hope this opening leads to a main story episode down the line. The main episode deals with another appearance from Jonah Hex, who previously appeared in the opening scene of one the earlier episodes of the season. This time around he is part of the main episode as he plays a bounty hunter for Mongul. Hex’s task is to gather the strongest warriors in the universe to fight in the Warworld arena. Of course, you can’t have an arena of the greatest fighters in the universe without [...]