Saturday Morning Cartoon Reviews for 6/6/09 - Comic Book Revolution
Batman: The Brave and the Bold Ep. 20 – “Hail the Tornado Tyrant!” Review The episode begins with Batman and Green Arrow trying to one up each other while attempting to stop the Joker and then Catwoman. This was a lot of fun to watch and one of the best openings so far. I’m sure a lot of the older DC Comics fans will enjoy it as it is a nice callback to when Green Arrow would always have the same equipment as Batman a few months after Batman. For some reason all the episodes were Batman has teamed up with Red Tornado have probably my least favorite episodes of the series. “Hail the Tornado Tyrant” is no different. The concept of Red Tornado being Geppetto and creating his own robot son isn’t all that interesting. If anything, it made the episode a lot more formulaic than all the rest of the episodes. Also, another problem with this episode is that this is a series based on showing how Batman interacts with a lot of the B- and C-list characters in the DCU. When Batman teams up with Green Arrow, Blue Beetle, or another hero it is always about how [...]