Previewing the Week’s Releases for 9/14/09 – 9/20/09 - Comic Book Revolution
ComicsAmazing Spider-Man #605 – For the past few months Amazing Spider-Man has been turning in one solid arc after another. The Red Headed Stranger was an above average arc. Fred Van Lente did a solid job with his first arc on this title. Though this is supposed to be an epilogue issue to The Red Headed Stranger but we already got an epilogue at the end of the last issue. Should be interesting what happens in this issue especially with Black Cat around the corner. Batgirl #2 – The first issue with Stephanie as the new Batgirl was an okay start. I’m still not sold that Stephanie can carry her own ongoing series and if this series belongs on my permanent pull list. But I am willing to see if Bryan Q. Miller can prove me wrong and turn in a good second issue. Batman and Robin #4 – Morrison has been doing a fantastic job with Batman and Robin so far. This is the most fun I have had with reading a Morrison penned series. I’m interested to see what Morrison has in store for Batman and Robin with the Red Hood making an appearance. Batman: Streets of Gotham [...]