Previewing the Week’s Releases: 9/28/09 – 10/4/09 - Comic Book Revolution
ComicsAmazing Spider-Man #607 – I first issue of this two part story with the Black Cat was great. I can’t wait to see were Joe Kelly takes the Spider-Man/Black Cat relationship and how MJ’s reaction to the big kiss will be handled. Blackest Night: Titans #2 – The first issue of this three part mini-series surprised me with how food it was. The first issue had some nice old Teen Titans nostalgia for me and it should be interesting to see what other dead Teen Titans come back as Black Lanterns since there are hundreds of them. Green Lantern #46 – I haven’t been the biggest fan of Geoff Johns work on Blackest Night so far but I did enjoy the last issue of Green Lantern. This issue is suppose to add the Mongul subplot along with what is going on with Sinestro and Carol so this should be an interesting issue. Teen Titans #75 – I liked the last story arc of this title but I am not sure about how well Felicia Henderson will do on this title since she has only co-writing credits on TV shows. But hey she may be a hidden talent DC has found, [...]