Previewing this Week’s Releases: 9/7/09 – 9/13/09 - Comic Book Revolution
ComicsAdventure Comics #2 – Geoff Johns impressed me with the first issue of this new series starring Superboy. Even though I not a big Superboy fan Johns does seem to have a good handle of the character as he finally takes the character and makes him much more likable than he was back as a Teen Titan. Though, Johns will need to do a better job with the back-up as the Legion story was a weak. As someone new to the Legion I did not get anything out of story or who the characters are other than their names and powers. Amazing Spider-Man #604 – So far the Red Headed Stranger has been a solid story though it has not blown me away especially after the great “American Son” arc and Amazing Spider-Man #600 issue. Hopefully Fred Van Lente can provide a good showdown between Spider-Man and Chameleon as well as some aftermath from Chameleon ruining some of Peter’s personal relationships. Blackest Night: Batman #2 – I really liked the first issue of this mini-series as Peter Tomasi proved yet again to be one of the best Batman writers, especially when it comes to writing Dick Grayson. The first issue [...]