Previewing this Week’s Releases: 8/10/09 – 8/16/09 - Comic Book Revolution
This is a big week in comics for me as I am getting 2 times the amount of comics this week with 10 new titles along with getting War of Kings #6 that did not ship to any comic shop here in Las Vegas. I think my wallet will be crying when I go to my LCS this week. While this week looks to be a great week I kind of wish that Marvel and DC would have spread the love a bit over the other weeks in August as I don’t I am getting more than 10 titles the next few weeks. Oh well, enough of my bitching lets what’s out this week. ComicsAdventure Comics #1 – While I have questioned the return of Connor I have to say I am interested in seeing what Geoff Johns will do with the character. Though the main attraction for me in getting this title is Francis Manapul’ artwork that looks incredible in the preview we got for this issue. Amazing Spider-Man #602 – The last issue of Amazing Spider-Man was a good, not great, start to the new arc that brings back MJ to Peter’s world. This time around though Fred [...]